Black Lives Matter - How to Take Action

2. Email/Text

City of Minneapolis PD [email protected]

Office of Police Conduct Review [email protected]

Minneapolis 311 [email protected]

Text JUSTICE to 668366 You will need to provide your zipcode


3. Call

Governor Tim Walz 6122013400

Mayor Jacob Frey 6126732100

Mike Freeman 6123483550

Police Chief Arradondo 6126733550

Minneapolis PD 6126733000

MPD of Int'l Affairs 6126733074

Minneapolis Dept of Civil Rights 6123483550

Sheriff Dave Hutch 6123483744

Don't know what to say?

These websites will walk you through it:


4. Donate

NAACP Legal Defense Fund
Legal organization fighting for racial injustice

The American Civil Liberties Union
Provides legal assistance wherever civil liberties are at risk

Fair Fight
Ensures fair elections and combats voter suppression

Know Your Rights Camp
Provide resources for black/brown communities, including hiring defense attorneys for anyone arrested protesting police brutality


5. Resources to Read

White Fragility Robin DiAngelo

Me and White Supremacy Layla F. Saad

Women, Race, & Class Angela Y. Davis

So You Want to Talk About Race Ijeoma Oluo

The New Jim Crow Michelle Alexander

Six Ways Asian-Americans Can Tackle Anti-Blackness in Their Families Article by Kim Tran