Don't be Selfish

mental health Aug 09, 2020

Don't Be Selfish, Share your Gift


Imposter syndrome is something we all suffer with. I dunno about you but I definitely doubt myself and my abilities and sometimes think why the hell would people listen to me.


So this week I booked myself a studio space to have a little woman circle in Dublin. I’ve been putting off face to face classes for so long because it scares the living daylights out of me. I’m very comfortable behind my little screen with only Siobhan watching me speak.


If you’ve followed me for a while you know I suffer from public speaking anxiety along with internal panic attacks on stage but this is something I’ve been working on breaking through for a while now and performing my own class is a stepping stone.


The way we break through fear is to do the things we fear the most to realise our fears are grossly exaggerated by our minds.


I worry about my own ability to help others in person even though I received...

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Gaining Confidence and Dealing with Rejection

relationship Aug 09, 2020

Confidence and rejection come hand in hand.


Your confidence and success all depend on your relationship with rejection.


Think of all the times you saw a hot guy or girl and you never went up to them. Think of all the jobs you wanted to pursue but you never applied for them. Think of all the business ideas in your mind that you never went through with. I want you to ask yourself why?


You never went forward with what you wanted because you’re scared of the word NO!


N-O … that 2 letter word has stopped you from something your soul wants.


So now you need to ask yourself why you’re afraid of the word no?


The word NO will not pinch your skin. It won’t physically hurt you so why do we hold back on asking out the person we fancy?


We must understand that even is that person says no it has brought clarity to your questions. It will redirect you in another direction that you can be sure of. If you never asked out the guy...

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Are you Afraid of Commitment?

relationship Aug 09, 2020

Dear all my commitaphobes...


I don’t know if you know this about me but I’m an avoidant attachment type. I basically find it hard to commit to anyone because it may take away my freedom. I will always stand at arm’s length from the opposite sex in order to get rid of the closeness.


I use any excuse under the sun to keep my distance when I get close to someone


‘Oh they aren’t right for me’

‘They cant travel’


I’ll find any excuse maybe their fashion or who they hang around with or even what they eat! Haha, I know I’m crazy, right?


But this is something I have recognized in myself whilst studying the psychology of relationships, and its something I’m determined to heal in myself. Avoidants tend to be the least happy in relationships because they are always trying to distance themselves from vulnerability in order to refrain from being hurt. ( P.S. there is more information on this in my...

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What I Talk about in Therapy

motivation Aug 09, 2020

Make Therapy Cool



I was actually ordered by my therapist to throw myself a birthday party this year, I have never been one to celebrate my birthday. My therapist reminded me that I deserve to be celebrated so I need to throw myself a party.


Every year I never make a deal and expect nothing on my birthday. But what I’ve realized is that by expecting nothing and not planning anything it ultimately shields me from feeling hurt. I’m guessing when I was younger I may have been hurt or let down on some birthdays so I just decided to close that door to avoid feeling let down.


I think people have the idea that if you have a therapist you must be nuts. I want people to know that’s not the case. Having therapy has given me so much confidence in myself by rewiring my old thought patterns. Sometimes we need an extra boost in our lives to remind ourselves we are amazing and we deserve happiness.


I even called my therapist before releasing my...

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Want to lose Weight?

fitness&nutrition Jul 23, 2020

Meditating can help you lose weight


Today I went out for a 2km run and ended up doing 14km!!


That is the longest I have ever run without stopping in my whole entire life!


I didn’t even think about how long I was running for when I was running, I just concentrated on being present listening to my music and saying no to looking at my applewatch.


The first kilo-meter or two is always the hardest, so I usually distract myself with an audiobook in order to get away from my mind telling me ‘running is so awful stop Sinead go home ye pleb’. Then when I’ve settled my mind, I amp it up and listen to my tunes.


I just decided to enjoy the music and listen to my thoughts on the way (I thought of the next 5 emails so lucky you) but the biggest rule of all today was: DO NOT LOOK AT THE WATCH just keep running.


So what has this got to do with meditating and losing weight you ask?


Meditating is all about saying no!



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How to make Friends

motivation Jul 23, 2020

To be a good friend you must inspect your own thoughts.

I want you to reflect today on how good a friend you are. I want you to dig deep and figure this out.


First thing I want you to ask yourself is do you truly listen to your friends ?

Are you listening or are you waiting for them to finish talking in order to talk about you ?

Are you listening or are you thinking of something that happened to you on friday night ?

Are you listening or are you waiting to talk about your problems so your friends can validate them ?

Are you listening or are you waiting to butt in with your ‘better’ story ?


From now on I want you to inspect all your thoughts when you're around your friends. What makes you feel bad ? Does it annoy you when they dont ask about you, how you're doing? Or what's going on in your love life ?but yet you are constantly talking about them. Note that down and it will teach you to always ask about your friends. Ask them how they are doing in the...

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Why do We Drink so Much ?

motivation Jul 23, 2020

Us, Irish have a rep of being heavy drinkers… and it wouldn’t be wrong.


This weekend the pubs were open for the first time in 3 months so of course, we all fled to them. I wish I could say I visited the local for the opening night and that was it, but I basically moved in there this weekend. So much so, it had me questioning why I pay extortionate rent in Dublin when I spent half of this week in the pub. However, I think we can all use the fact the pubs haven’t been opened in 3 months as an excuse.


But even with the excuse I still don’t let myself off lightly in my journal. In my journal, I like to question all my behaviors, good or bad.


Today I questioned why I drink so much, or even why we all drink so much. Firstly we drink to switch off. Alcohol has the power to switch off our thinking brain. We stop worrying about the past and present and we just enjoy the moment. We don’t care what people think as much... Like who the hell...

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Understanding your Boyfriend

relationship Jul 23, 2020

Men and Women are two Different Species



I’ve dedicated this month of reading to the topic of relationships. I want to understand how we can encourage our partners to be more in touch with their emotions in order to have more effective communication.


To be honest, I’m mostly looking to understand men’s brains in more depth to help you, girls, as my inbox is full of ‘How can I get my boyfriend to understand my needs?’ and ‘He doesn’t see that he’s hurting me! ’


So, I went old school and started reading Men are from Mars,Women are From Venus, and came across the cave.


What is described in the book is that men like to come up with solutions to problems alone! They are wired to be independent with problem-solving. When there is a problem in the relationship they feel obliged to come up with the solution alone. So they retreat to their cave, they need space to figure out the problem in their own...

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Digital Detox

mental health Jul 23, 2020

Every now and then I have a digital detox, Actually the last time I did 4 days.


But why?


The reason is this- picking up my phone has become a bad habit, I do not need to be on my phone for 8 hours a day I can easily fit all my work and social time into 2-4 hours screen time but picking up my phone is just a habit, I know its a habit because I keep going to pick it up unconsciously when I don't have it.


Iphones are designed to get you hooked, the Face ID feature makes it so accessible to get into your phone that you're not even aware you are doing it. This is why I recommend people to change the face ID and go back to the good old days of typing in your password and really asking yourself;


‘Where do you I want my attention to be?’’


If you truly need to be on your phone then happy days get cracking, but if your sitting with a friend your attention should be interacting and engaging with them as human connection actually decreases...

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The Cheat Sheet to Achieving Your Goals

business Jul 23, 2020

Don’t underestimate the power of role models


Today I want you to understand that if someone has done it before, then it’s possible for you to achieve. Many of us want our own unique goals and don’t want to be seen as copying anyone, but all ideas stem from something or someone.


It’s ok to look up to someone, it’s ok to be inspired by them- It will give you a guide to your goals.


If I asked you to make the world’s best cheesecake would you be able to make it? No?


Ok, so, what if I gave you the step by step recipe. I gave you the exact amount of ingredients down to each gram and the exact amount of time to set etc. Would you be able to make it then? Yes! of course, because I gave you each step. It is now your responsibility to model the exact recipe.


If someone inspires you, maybe it’s your boss, maybe it’s your mum or maybe its a public figure. Either way, they can be your own personal cheat sheet! If...

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