Always a Student

always a student Jun 08, 2020

I almost got these words tattooed on me this year as every damn day I see myself as a student. But I think the tattoo of my Ex Boyfriends name is enough of a lesson in itself!


I make it a priority to learn something new each day . 


I also love to study humans every waking minute. I observe all my interactions with humans and use it as my school.


I often wonder why a person reacts in a certain way, I then reflect on their behaviour and make mental notes. 


Dealing with toxic people


When I feel hurt or betrayed by someone. I note their behaviour, I then reflect on my behaviour to check if I did something to deserve it. If I don't deserve the betrayal, I take a mental note of how that person treated me and make a promise to never treat anyone else in my life like the way that person treated me.


I see every opportunity as an opportunity for growth. So next time you sit back and think 


‘Why me why do they treat me like this, have I done something wrong, am I not good enough ?’


No! this opportunity was put in place for you to take a mental note and grow so you can refrain from hurting another human in the future.


You are not the victim, you are the student


I have watched a dear friend of mine struggle at work with a terrible bully for a boss. He could have got angry, lost his temper and wollowed in his own pity, but instead he took this as an opportunity. Looked at his boss, examined him and made sure he never treats anyone like that when he becomes a boss himself, After he stood up for himself of course. ( he has since quit)


My last email people asked about what online courses I do and I want to share the platform I use to always be a student. It’s called SkillShare you get the first 2 months free and then you pay 7 quid a month. It's honestly amazing, you have access to unlimited courses . At the minute I'm doing a social psychology course, A photo editing course,writing course and a small business course.

Some of them only last an hour and you learn a whole new skill. 


Use this time to self develop


Sinead ‘always learning Hegarty

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