Automatic Negative Thoughts

mental health Jun 08, 2020

I struggle to write this ebook on relationships I let my mind take over with resistance. 


Now when I notice my mind engaging in negative talk that's when I whip out the Journal.


If you don't address the first negative thought then follows is a string of negative thoughts these are called ANTS ( automatic negative thoughts) 


I can't write...I’m not cut out for this...I'm not good enough... Why would anyone pay for this? 


This is where your string of thoughts can lead to and once you get one ANT this can lead to an infestation of ANTS which can lead to more serious issues for your mental health.


Ok so let's take the first thought 


‘I can't write ‘


Let's take this thought out  of my head and examine it. 


Is this thought fact ? Nope 

What emotion am I feeling ?Inadequacy 


Now let's explore Inadequacy



This feeling of unworthiness occurs when we feel we can't do something we should be able to do.


The message  the emotion inadequacy tells us:

That you do not presently have a level of necessary skill for the task at hand. It's telling you that you need more information, understanding strategies, tools or confidence .



Get the information, I may be untrained or unskilled in this area but I'm not inadequate. I simply must attain more information and I must appreciate the fact that I can improve if I choose to!


So now I will stop being lazy and attain the information I need to release the resistance in my thoughts. I've told you guys before but Skillshare is an excellent place to learn new skills. You pay just £7 a month and you get unlimited free courses. Some of them only last half an hour and you have attained a whole new skill. Even my last instagram post got one of my highest amounts of likes because I learnt  how to edit my photo properly on skillshare. 


Let's go back to the first thought ‘I cant write’ the thought that began a spiral of more negative thoughts  isn't even a true thought, there is a solution for that thought. This is why we must question our thoughts and get the solutions to release the resistance. 

Sinead ‘ Solutions’ Hegarty

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