Beer Fear

mental health Jun 08, 2020

I would say plenty of you have experienced beer fear before but what people want to know is when you're drunk as a skunk do you say what you truly feel ?


The answer is no.


So when you drink alcohol certain parts of your brain are dehydrated and therefore have low function. Including your Prefrontal Cortex (PFC)



In your brain I would describe this part of your brain as your cop/policeman. This part of your brain makes all the important decisions. It breaks down all the information in front of you and rationalises it in order for you to make the best decision. 


When you're sober and you see your ex; Do you wanna go over and tell him you miss him and then grab a taxi home and have sex ?


Nope you don’t because your PFC has seen the information and then played out the future consequences and it decides that isn't a good idea. 


When you are drunk your PFC is low functioning, although what is fully functioning is the back of your brain(chimp brain). The part that wants to breed and it's the part that just reacts on your impulses and the part that likes attention. You basically don't have the cop part of your brain saying ‘stop! You'll be crying for a week’- This also explains why you give into the curry cheesy chips because that part of your brain isn't telling you that this will make you feel like shit later.


So if you drunk texted your ex- It's grand girls because it wasn't you!
( I call my drunk ego Shaniqua) All of your brain parts weren't even functioning when you sent that text, and you need all of your brain to be working to actually say that decision was all you!


Also little tip for anyone who thinks they have made a show of themselves; Think of a time  a friend of anyone you know was really drunk- how much do you care ? You don't give a shit do ya? Well that's exactly what they think too! Stop caring what other people think because they barely acknowledge it!


A great book to understand your brain and all our actions is The Chimp Paradox


And a podcast that spiked my interest in brains was Jay Shetty and Dr.Amen 

Sinead ‘ Drunk Texted her Ex Too Much Had To Research It’ Hegarty



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