Go Fot It: Setting Up My Business!

relationship Mar 09, 2020

Do you have a Business idea but have no idea how to execute it?

Well I’m going to talk you through my journey to a flaky little idea to a business.

So, I was living in Thailand, working, Training studying and awakening as they would say, and people were watching my Journey and they would ask me “how do you this alone? I want to do it, but I’m scared”

My time in Thailand was so special I left a different person, healed and happy and I want others to experience what I had.

I had went on a few retreats before in my time there so I’m familiar of what they entail and I remember thinking I could this, and I could do this with my own special twist with self-development as this is my passion and I need people to know all the information I had obtained over the years.

I was living at a fitness camp for some time that changed my life in many ways one of them being the social interaction with others, I really lived in the present moment and left my phone down. Another massive factor of the fitness camp is the challenging classes and team support, I learnt so much about fitness that I could use in everyday life to achieve my goals.

I decided to run a retreat in this area of Thailand, and not only would we be doing fitness, but I am going to do some workshops about setting goals, manifesting, positivity and general mindset.

Although I had this idea, I hadn’t one clue where to start until a friend of mine told me she started her business with the Goforit program in Northern Ireland and it was a free service!

I couldn’t believe it as I was going to go for a financial advisor in the beginning but thought what’s the harm i’ll pop into the Strabane enterprise to talk to someone at the Goforit programme to see if they could guide me.

I met with Orla who was lovely and when I went in, I had nothing wrote down on paper I honestly was just winging it, she got all my information and put it all down on paper and started to organise my thoughts.

It was starting to feel like my little idea could actually work. So, I left her with my information, and she gave me a few things to do such as market research along with my budget etc.


So away I went with a bit more structure and guidance to my plans, I came back for another appointment where we got all my budgets and expenses drawn out, I realised that it wasn’t as clean cut as I thought there was a lot to pay for along with tax and other expenses, So with this information I had to set prices, I originally wanted it to be much less in price but when it was all drawn out in front of me I realised I wasn’t going to be making much so I’m so glad this was all drawn out for me so I could re-evaluate my pricing so with some market research I realised I was undercharging and to be honest I know the value of my work and I needed to have more faith in myself so I upped my pricing, so it was great to get that support from Orla to help me set prices.

I left Orla with all my research and she drew up my business plan that had projections in it for the next four years. It was very detailed and thorough and ready to present to a bank for funding or for any investors.

Fast forward my first retreat went live in October and it sold out in 6 minutes with a waiting list of 2000 people to go on the next adventure with me!

So that random dander into the Goforit program has been the best thing I ever did, and I can’t thank them enough.

If you are interested in setting up a business in Northern Ireland click here and you can submit a form and start your journey!

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