I deleted Instagram

spiritual Mar 20, 2020

I've been deleting instagram for a long time, I delete instagram everyday day for 3-4 hours while i study/read and work and then i delete it again around 10pm-11pm at night until after 10am in the morning

I noticed a long time ago i would wake up and check my phone and get this uneasy feeling like i had 1000 work emails every morning that never ended. It overwhelmed me each morning and it's not how I want to start my day. So I began a new practice of mindful mornings. 

Now i find my morning the most amazing part of my day, I go to sleep excited to go into my mindful morning 

There is an app called Focus Lock that actually deletes all your third party apps for any amount of time you set it too, yes it seems scary to remove all your apps but if you ‘can't’ do that then i'm sorry to say you're addicted to your phone. Firstly try for 30mins if you're scared then you can progress. 

So many times i was still picking up my phone due to habit, but there is something so peaceful to know that there is nothing there to check.

Mornings are my blissful dreamy time,no one can bother me. I just have me drifting around my room thinking and stretching. I divide my time into 

  • Stretching
  • Meditating
  • Sip every sip of coffee like its gold dust 
  • Reading
  • Thinking about my to dos
  • Writing my dos
  • Journaling how i feel
  • Visualizing my dreams
  • Smiling 

I think this is a great time to practice mindful mornings due to all the craziness in the world, have your peaceful haven before entering the day. This is your time.

And guys when you have no phone you'll realise that it takes up no time at all, notice how much you can get done without picking your phone up to check if that guy ye banged last week watched your story. 

When you have nothing stealing your attention this is when you attend to yourself, you ask yourself questions like how are ya? Why did that event make you feel sad yesterday ? Why did that offend me so much ? 

You will find you will come up with answers and get to know your true self and start investigating what makes you tick which will in term help you find your purpose.




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