It's Ok To F**k Up

quarantine Jun 08, 2020

I know some people look at me and I think i've got my shit together


I definitely do not have my shit together, Its simply 27 years of trial and error 

Questions in my inbox this week 


‘Sinead I'm so demotivated, I can't get into a routine’


All my routines are trial and error in each country I visit, it takes me around 2 weeks to get settled into a routine. 


Last night I sat and wrote out my to do list, I had planned to have my run done early and a few tasks completed by 11am. However I forgot I had an online meeting with my marketing team at 11am which completely messed up my whole routine.  But that's ok . Tomorrow I will shift things and see how that works. As my dad says 


‘Gotta get it wrong, to get it right ‘


Im sure some of you have never worked from home before and you've now realised it's not what you thought ?


I too had that perception when I became self-employed. I actually struggled a lot my first few months of self-employment. I could never get tasks done, it took me ages to get out of the house and I was constantly thinking I had time when I didn't. This then led to bouts of anxiety as I was so disappointed with myself for not completing tasks on time. 


So go easy on yourself if you aren't getting your tasks done. Allow your trial and error phase. My advice is to start with small tasks that you know you can complete. The goal is to be ticking them off your to do list. The tick itself releases dopamine in your brain that will actually keep you motivated. I even write small tasks on my to do list such as ‘wash hair’ just so I can tick it off. 


I divide my tasks like this;



(research, writing, online course, studying, emails,) 


(unpack, wash hair, hoover room, wash bathroom)


(read, draw something, call friends,meditate, play games with family, workout, run)


I wake up, slot them in my diary and start ticking them off. I also delete all my apps with an app called Focus lock. This means I can't access my apps in the morning until 10am and then I delete them again around 12-5.


A book recommendation for routine and healthy habits would be Atomic Habits 


Hope this helps 


Sinead ‘ will never have her shit together’ Hegarty

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