Living In Your Pupose Is Hard

spiritual Jun 08, 2020



I believe we are all unique I put here on earth for a divine purpose


The uniqueness is inscribed in 3 ways;

The one-of-a-kind DNA

The particular way our brain is wired

All our individual life experiences that are unlike any others


By our nature we crave a sense of direction


I'm not going to get too into Purpose as it can ruffle a few feathers when you tell people you are destined for something greater than what you are doing right now but what I want to tell you right now is that living in your purpose is hard!


At this moment I have this calling from the universe to write an ebook on relationships, I was called to in a few ways the past coming weeks.


One call from the universe was whilst listening to the radio (which i never do) and people were messaging into the radio station with anonymous confessions about how they are feeling at home. People were saying they couldn't stand her husband, they hate their sister and that when it's all over they will never talk to their mum again.


I felt this pit in my stomach, I was so saddened to hear these confessions and I knew at that moment that I could actually help with the information of human behavior that I have attained over the years.


My purpose was calling me so I've begun writing and researching to bring something to you guys, but wow… it's hard !


Learning the knowledge and skills for your calling can be boring (learning how to write and put together my information) but the reward is so sweet I have made this negative into a positive. Yes it will take time and discipline to put it together- But knowing it's going to help someone drives me.


I could take the easy way out and just continue to do collabs and adverts but I can't ignore the messages from the universe.


What i'm trying to say is watch out for signs from the universe. Tune in! And yes sometimes the universe directs you to work harder. Maybe you are getting signs to quit your job and become a pilot but you ignore the signs because you think .. ‘oh no way it's too hard to become a pilot’. You make one excuse after the other but until you take the plunge you will continue to get these signs and you may even feel guilty for ignoring your inner guidance. I'm telling you to stop ignoring the universe and do the hard work it will all be worth it.


The feeling of joy when you follow through on your passions is so sweet .


Don’t Ignore the universe


And don't Ignore the book Recommendation that will bring your help you tune in to the universe- Super Attractor by Gabrielle Bernstein


Sinead ‘Still Shit At Writing’ Hegarty

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