Sex With The Lights On

relationship Jun 08, 2020

Sex With The Lights On


Can you have sex with the lights on , sheets off ?

Years ago I was that girl 


‘Omg sheets over me , lights off, DON'T LOOK AT ME !!’


I took upon myself to educate myself on desire in the relationship to discover how much of a prune I was about something that EVERY SINGLE HUMAN does!


Sex is so important in our relationships, its part of our daily lives but yet 


‘Omg sinead shut up dont say the word orgasm’


Well, you know what 




I was going to talk about what happens in the brain when we orgasm but i will leave that email to tomorrow !


Today I want to talk about getting vulnerable with your partner and baring all!


There is nothing more f**king sexy than someone overcoming that feeling of vulnerability and inferiority by owning their whole body, turning on the lights and saying 

‘I don’t give a flying f**k what i look like. You want me and want you ! let's do this’  


You should bathe in confidence together and make your relationship stronger than ever, plus we are very visual characters. When we have sex with the lights on, you and your partner can visualise this throughout your week. It gets them excited, it's like a little show for them.


But how do we gain this confidence, we first must realise sex is normal , we need to talk about it more. Do you even know what you truly desire ? have you told your partner you like it this way instead of that way ?


The more we talk about it and stop feeling shame then we can delve into our true desires and in term improve our relationships! We can make it exciting and enjoyable each time . 


Of course I am now going to tell you about a book that changed my whole outlook on sex.


Mating in captivity

Written by sex and relastionship therapist Ester Perell

Coming from a religious background I felt guilt and shame to explore desires, I didn't even know what I liked. This book taught that it's ok to talk and explore and ever since I read it my relationships have improved dramatically. ( basically aint getting no complaints haha )  So if anyone wants to get rid of the sex shame to relight a new fire then give it a read. 


Actually if you are single, bloody read it too , get to know yourself girl!


Tell your boyfriends to leave the thank you flowers at my door ;)



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