The Pleasure Plan

mental health Jun 08, 2020

Today I woke up demotivated and a little anxious.


Its ok to not feel good


The question is, do you know how to make yourself feel good when you're feeling down ?


Do you know how to turn pain into pleasure ?


When I feel like this I pull out my ‘Happy list’ or ‘pleasure plan’


This sounds simple but I bet you have never written down a list of 15-25 things that make you happy. You must accomplish the list without the use of food, alcohol, drugs or cigarettes.


When i'm feeling sluggish or down this is when I pull it out. I say 


Ok what can I do right now to feel better ?


The first thing on my list is listening to music and dancing around my room, I actually have an emotional rescue playlist that you can listen to that will pull you out of your funk. 


My Happy list looks like this 


1. Listening to music ( especially 50s music)

2. Watching ‘friends’ or funny sitcoms

3. Walking 

4. Reading

5. Talking to friends 

6. Nature

7. Cuddles ( I just got down stairs and hug mum or dad they think i'm weird but it makes me feel good)

8. Organising my room

9. Writing my goals

10. Journaling

11. Working out

12. Putting candles on and meditating

13. Changing my face to a smile 

14. Fixing up my posture 

15. Counting my blessings

16. Learning something new 

17. Talking about my crazy ideas with my friends

18. Asking my friends their goals , encouraging them to think

19. Helping people , giving advice

20. Orgasms (Quick tip- Nastygal doesn't just sell clothes ;) Your welcome )


The point here is to have a large list of ways to make yourself feel better, Pleasure won't just randomly show up you must have a plan for pleasure. If you fail to have a pleasure plan you will continue with the pain.


Sinead ‘Dancing around her room all day’ Hegarty

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