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relationship Mar 20, 2020

Titan Fitness camp is a training camp in Chalong Phuket, it is situated on a place called ‘The Soi’

Definition of the Soi

This street is a famous street known for its fitness gyms and amazing healthy food at low prices, there are also supermarkets such as 7/11s for all your snacks and toiletries. There are many spas you can get cheap massages at. We are a short drive away from major towns such as Phuket Town and Patong.  

Titan is a place people come to achieve goals such as;

  • Weight loss
  • Muscle gain
  • General fitness
  • A new start
  • Make connections with other people
  • Live in a cheap location to train and get work done

Why do I love Titan so much?

I have now been an advocate for Titan for almost 3 years, spending around 3 months a year here. 

When I first came to titan as a paying customer I was a little broken, I was going through a tough time mentally and extremely lonely. I came to titan, I remember being terrified my first day, terrified that I wasn't fit enough and people would laugh, terrified of just being alone there. But, wow how I was wrong to be fearful. Everyone is at their own fitness level with absolutely no judgment, you can go at your own pace and scale everything right now to fit your fitness needs. As for being alone, every single person was there alone!

The biggest reason I scream from the rooftops about Titan is this;

The human connection

The way the camp is run and set up is for people to interact all day long, as soon as you finish training everyone goes to eat breakfast together, you plonk yourself down at any seat and find yourself in deep conversation with anyone, may they be 40 years older than you or come from a completely different culture, you are interacting and making close bonds all day which lead to group activities and loads of memories being made outside the camp as well.

I found myself having close bonds and chatting all day and never being on my phone which I feel pulled me out of my dark place back in 2018 and I will forever be grateful for. I also notice a lot of people there are all on a  similar path, they are hereafter break up or between careers and everyone is so open, we are all healing and helping each other as well as getting sexier and dropping dress sizes.


How much does it cost?


Their website is designed that you contact someone to talk about what package suits you best, The best thing to do is email then to figure out your needs. 

Here is a form you can fill in and then they will contact you


If you want to lose weight and don't know much about training and nutrition I suggest the full weight loss packages that include personal PT sessions as well and the classes, meals, and accommodation.

If you would like to just do the classes they have fitness packages similar to the one I do. You get unlimited classes, accommodation and 2 meals for around €350 to approx €550-€600 per week

You can contact them with this email and you can also mention SINEAD for a 20% discount. 

What is a day in titan like?

There is yoga in the morning to start your day, then you have 7 classes throughout the day to chose from;

  • Cross-Training
  • 360 circuit training 
  • Nutrition classes
  • Strength and technique classes 
  • Calories burn obstacle courses 
  • Boxercise
  • Mobility
  • Spin (with a fun element)
  • Beach training

Throughout the day we choose classes and in between, we are conversing by the pool or we sometimes go to the beach. At night there is plenty to do such as salsa classes and beautiful sunset locations.

The weekends are super fun, we all plan together as a group to see a little more of Thailand. There are so many trips to choose from such as 

  • Island hopping
  • Nightclubs
  • Beach trips
  • Snorkeling 
  • Viewpoints 
  • Museums
  • Amazing restaurants 
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