Why Did We Break Up?

relationship Jun 08, 2020

As I receive all the feedback from my new book I realised it is helping a lot more people than I thought.


When I wrote the book it was intended to help people in their relationships by understanding who they are individually and understanding who their partner is, but as the feedback comes rolling in I now see it's helping a lot of people after a break up.


The reason why I began studying human behaviour was because I wanted to find out why my ex partner did the things he did, even though he claimed to have loved me.


When I was in my ‘dark place’ after the break-up, I continuously blamed myself I thought it was all my fault , I thought I wasnt pretty enough or I didnt give him enough sex or that I just wasnt worthy.


When in fact what I discovered was there were a number of reasons why it didn't work out that had nothing to do with my worthiness and as soon as I understood his behaviour and mine, I began to heal my heartbroken wounds.


I stopped blaming myself and really understood why the relationship ended. This gave me back my power and from then on I accepted and grew from the relationship.


So, no this book is not just for people in relationships. It's for everyone to discover their own personality types and their own behaviour in order to reflect and grow!


Also, I want to note that I won’t just use these emails to promote my new book. I will continue with my usual newsletter- but I'm just so happy and proud of myself and can now say I am an independent writer. So if you haven't bought it then here it is.


Thank you all so much for the amazing feedback. You are the drivers behind everything I do!


Sinead ‘the independent writer’ Hegarty

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