Your Red Bottom Heels Wont Help You Now

quarantine Jun 08, 2020

What we have learnt from this pandemic is this;







All these things have no power in the end . What has power ? 




I have the rich, the famous and the successful people contacting me for help in this time. Saying they are finding it tough to cope. Little old me who has no real possessions, just a suitcase of bikinis and a few books. They come to me because my mind is strong, I can see the light in the darkest days.


All the things listed above will not help you when you have no control of your inner state.


If you want to begin working on your inner state I would suggest getting connected to spirituality.


I dont talk too much about my spirituality online because I find it hard to explain to people. 


‘Oh hey just to let you know my mind is so powerful everything I have ever asked or desired has appeared in front of me and I trust the process of the universe ‘


People tend to think 


‘This doll is a f**kin fruit loop!’


Spirituality is such a powerful tool  and I believe I have the power to manifest anything my soul desires. My first ever spiritual practice began with the book Ask And It Is Given


It will show you that you are the creator of your own world and show you how to accept the current situation and trust the universe. It has given me so much peace I can't even explain.



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