Always a Student

always a student Jun 08, 2020

I almost got these words tattooed on me this year as every damn day I see myself as a student. But I think the tattoo of my Ex Boyfriends name is enough of a lesson in itself!


I make it a priority to learn something new each day . 


I also love to study humans every waking minute. I observe all my interactions with humans and use it as my school.


I often wonder why a person reacts in a certain way, I then reflect on their behaviour and make mental notes. 


Dealing with toxic people


When I feel hurt or betrayed by someone. I note their behaviour, I then reflect on my behaviour to check if I did something to deserve it. If I don't deserve the betrayal, I take a mental note of how that person treated me and make a promise to never treat anyone else in my life like the way that person treated me.


I see every opportunity as an opportunity for growth. So next time you sit back and...

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