The Cheat Sheet to Achieving Your Goals

business Jul 23, 2020

Don’t underestimate the power of role models


Today I want you to understand that if someone has done it before, then it’s possible for you to achieve. Many of us want our own unique goals and don’t want to be seen as copying anyone, but all ideas stem from something or someone.


It’s ok to look up to someone, it’s ok to be inspired by them- It will give you a guide to your goals.


If I asked you to make the world’s best cheesecake would you be able to make it? No?


Ok, so, what if I gave you the step by step recipe. I gave you the exact amount of ingredients down to each gram and the exact amount of time to set etc. Would you be able to make it then? Yes! of course, because I gave you each step. It is now your responsibility to model the exact recipe.


If someone inspires you, maybe it’s your boss, maybe it’s your mum or maybe its a public figure. Either way, they can be your own personal cheat sheet! If...

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business travel Mar 10, 2020

I can’t believe I lived without a Revolut card, it’s literally the best thing ever, it changes your money straight away on the app with the best exchange rate and you can just tap it everywhere. You Can get money from your bank account straight away no waiting for transfers to come through, it comes straight across to use at that minute. So you can just load up your account with your daily spending and that way if it gets lost your whole money is still safe and sound in your bank account.

Last year I got charged £326 from Santander for taking money out. At the time £1.99 per transaction I was like hmm yeah ok but Jesus Christ when I got my statement and they all added to that I was like what the hell that is a flight to Bali

It has changed my whole travel experience as sometimes I would be just guessing how much things are and just kind of winging it , But as soon as you tap your Revolut card you get a notification telling you exactly how much you have...

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