Want to lose Weight?

fitness&nutrition Jul 23, 2020

Meditating can help you lose weight


Today I went out for a 2km run and ended up doing 14km!!


That is the longest I have ever run without stopping in my whole entire life!


I didn’t even think about how long I was running for when I was running, I just concentrated on being present listening to my music and saying no to looking at my applewatch.


The first kilo-meter or two is always the hardest, so I usually distract myself with an audiobook in order to get away from my mind telling me ‘running is so awful stop Sinead go home ye pleb’. Then when I’ve settled my mind, I amp it up and listen to my tunes.


I just decided to enjoy the music and listen to my thoughts on the way (I thought of the next 5 emails so lucky you) but the biggest rule of all today was: DO NOT LOOK AT THE WATCH just keep running.


So what has this got to do with meditating and losing weight you ask?


Meditating is all about saying no!



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