Don't be Selfish

mental health Aug 09, 2020

Don't Be Selfish, Share your Gift


Imposter syndrome is something we all suffer with. I dunno about you but I definitely doubt myself and my abilities and sometimes think why the hell would people listen to me.


So this week I booked myself a studio space to have a little woman circle in Dublin. I’ve been putting off face to face classes for so long because it scares the living daylights out of me. I’m very comfortable behind my little screen with only Siobhan watching me speak.


If you’ve followed me for a while you know I suffer from public speaking anxiety along with internal panic attacks on stage but this is something I’ve been working on breaking through for a while now and performing my own class is a stepping stone.


The way we break through fear is to do the things we fear the most to realise our fears are grossly exaggerated by our minds.


I worry about my own ability to help others in person even though I received...

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Digital Detox

mental health Jul 23, 2020

Every now and then I have a digital detox, Actually the last time I did 4 days.


But why?


The reason is this- picking up my phone has become a bad habit, I do not need to be on my phone for 8 hours a day I can easily fit all my work and social time into 2-4 hours screen time but picking up my phone is just a habit, I know its a habit because I keep going to pick it up unconsciously when I don't have it.


Iphones are designed to get you hooked, the Face ID feature makes it so accessible to get into your phone that you're not even aware you are doing it. This is why I recommend people to change the face ID and go back to the good old days of typing in your password and really asking yourself;


‘Where do you I want my attention to be?’’


If you truly need to be on your phone then happy days get cracking, but if your sitting with a friend your attention should be interacting and engaging with them as human connection actually decreases...

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Are you Causing your own Anger?

mental health Jul 23, 2020


As you may know, I classify myself as a student of human nature each and every day by inspecting my own thoughts and studying my interactions with others. With this email, I simply want to bring forth my findings to make you aware of your own actions to get you thinking and reflecting in order to get to know yourself better.


When you know yourself, you can set yourself free. You won’t give a shit of what someone else thinks of you because you’ve studied your own self and accepted your own flaws and mistakes. The only person that will be able to judge you is you. When you free yourself from other people’s judgment you can truly search inside that beautiful mind of yours and seek out what you truly desire- because I know there is something you love to do but you’re scared of what other people think. But fuck what other people think. Your here on this earth to live, expand, grow, and see what the sexy mind can do.


So today is about...

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Dealing with Lonliness

mental health Jul 23, 2020

‘Hang in there‘


This was a post directed at all people who have moved to a new environment and are feeling lonely. It’s quite relevant seeing as I’m living in a brand new city. I miss my tribe in Australia and I am feeling quite lonely if I’m honest- the important word in that sentence is ‘feeling’ because you can feel alone but there is a solution to feeling lonely. If you identify with being alone its imprints into your character and it’s not permanent, you can change this emotion with the solution in this email.


First of all, I want to emphasize why being lonely can cause a little anxiety. Evolution has taught us to be in tribes. We need a sense of belonging. We need to know someone has our back in order to feel safe and secure. What happens when someone is separated from their tribe? they feel vulnerable and anxious that no one is looking out for them.


Although we dont travel in tribes anymore we still need...

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I Know Where I Get My Sex Drive From

mental health Jul 23, 2020

My granny is one of 18 children. Yep, that’s not a typo, my great granny was pregnant 18 times- Like, I basically had no choice in the matter. I had to move away from home. Everyone was my bloody cousin, I had to flee before I accidentally married one!


I decided a long time ago that I don’t want to have the same conversations with my grandparents anymore - ‘Hey granny, what’s the weather like?’ ‘Awk, Yano the craic Sinead still miserable as usual’


I mean there is only a certain amount of times I can try and explain my job to them (One time I took grandad to the farm show in Belfast and people were approaching me for photos, he just thought everyone in Belfast was ‘mad as hatters’. )


Anyway, my point is I want to know my grandparents more- what they did when they were younger, how they met, what jobs they did. This makes for a deeper connection and I absolutely love hearing about their lives and comparing them...

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So someone is talking crap about you?

mental health Jul 22, 2020

‘Sinead, how do you deal with the negative comments?’


‘What do I do these girls are talking crap about me?’


‘They are bitching about me behind my back saying I’m ___ and ___ when I’m not !’



Let me give you some wise words


The only person that can define you, is YOU


You spend all damn day with yourself, so you should know yourself pretty well by this stage.


When someone tries to talk about me- I say go ahead because no matter what you say, I know that I am a good person, I know what I do with my 24 hours -I get up each day and try to better myself.


My day is filled with self-development and reflection. I try my best to help others. I’m aware of my past behaviours and mistakes- We are all human btw, we all make mistakes so don’t let anyone ever judge you for that. You are the judge of you and that’s all that matters.


On the other hand, the person that wakes...

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You Cum First ;)

mental health Jul 22, 2020

What I want you to understand in this email, is that although goals are so important to have in order to shape your behaviors and habits. It is also important to consider, how you treat yourself every day in the lead up to the goals. As cliche as it sounds:


It not the destinations its the journey



Speaking from experience of someone how has achieved a few goals, when you get to the goal, your immediately on to the next and what I regret most after I achieve a goal is the days I stressed myself out.


When I was writing my book or setting up my company, I looked back after I had achieved my goal, and what I regretted most was the days I would roll out of bed straight to the laptop, where my head would be buried for the entire day without even brushing my hair.


I gave zero love to myself those days, I was just committed to a deadline, and when I look back I say I will never let that happen again, because the journey is just as important.



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Cake Cures Anxiety

mental health Jun 11, 2020

Cake cures anxiety 


Every day, I am learning about human behavior, and this time it’s not from books, it’s from observing my experiences through my own eyes.


This week I left Sydney. Now, I’m not one for celebrating myself. If you know me, you know that I never throw a birthday or a leaving party. I actually found out why when I was in therapy #maketherapycool. You can watch the journey of my Instagram highlight therapy.

Check my post here.


 Anyway, long story short, I feel it may have something to do with the feeling of disappointment as a child, people not showing up and letting me down, which left me severely hurt. So, I turned away from even asking my friends to do things to celebrate me. I didn’t even realize I was doing it until I started examining my own behavior this year. Back to the story, my girls were determined I was having a leaving meal, so I invited a few people last minute to a Mexican restaurant.


I even...

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A Look Into My Journal

mental health Jun 09, 2020
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This week was mental health awareness week

 So above are entries from my Journal in 2018

Looking back at these entries is very emotional. I remember the tears, the no-sleep and just the lack of relationship with myself. I was battling my two minds.


Your two minds 



Your emotional brain: here emotion arises, such as sadness but without recognising it as an emotion that will come and go, it can continue to spiral and you could become infested by ANTS (automatic negative thoughts)



This is the part of the brain that rationalises and helps you to make better decisions. Once an emotion is recognised simply by saying ‘this is sadness’ the neocortex can begin to do its work and talk you out of emotion. 


When I was writing these journal entries I had no idea about my 2 minds but when I look back I can see the emotional...

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Are You Struggling?

mental health Jun 08, 2020

This week I struggled with my mental health but as I journaled I realised it was just a lack of meaning in my day. The last 2 months I've been working on my e-book on relationships  (coming soon) and I had myself in quite a strict routine. When I finished writing I said


 ‘That's it I need to do nothing for a week!’


One week had gone by so now I thought ok let's get back to work. I set myself daily tasks that I thought were achievable, but, in fact I found myself struggling to complete the tasks as I had fallen out of habit.


That feeling when you haven't completed a task you aimed to complete can almost put you off doing any task. The feeling of incompletion can de-motivate us. Just like when you go to a personal trainer for a session and he pushes you too hard and all your thinking is ‘I'm never doing this again ‘  This is why good personal trainers ease you in so that you don't get disheartened....

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