Go to your happy place

quarantine Jun 09, 2020

Now I know some of you haven't been taking my advice on meditation

I know this as for years I was reading the benefits of meditation and saying

“Oh what a load of hu-ha I don't have time to think of nothing and I don't want to either’

But the more I saw it repeated over and over again in books I thought ok what the hell I'll give it a shot.

It was so difficult at the beginning, I didn't have a clue if I was doing it right, then worrying that I wasn't doing it right. Trust me if you're doing it in any way you are doing it right!

I've decided I'm going to repeat myself over and over again until you get the bloody point because what it does for you in the long term is magnificent!

With all the chaos right now we need to turn inward to our happy place. Make your mind a little safe haven you can always return to when the world is bat shit crazy!

Today I've attached a meditation for you where you can ask questions to your spirit guide, ask them anything, even just being in...

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It's Ok To F**k Up

quarantine Jun 08, 2020

I know some people look at me and I think i've got my shit together


I definitely do not have my shit together, Its simply 27 years of trial and error 

Questions in my inbox this week 


‘Sinead I'm so demotivated, I can't get into a routine’


All my routines are trial and error in each country I visit, it takes me around 2 weeks to get settled into a routine. 


Last night I sat and wrote out my to do list, I had planned to have my run done early and a few tasks completed by 11am. However I forgot I had an online meeting with my marketing team at 11am which completely messed up my whole routine.  But that's ok . Tomorrow I will shift things and see how that works. As my dad says 


‘Gotta get it wrong, to get it right ‘


Im sure some of you have never worked from home before and you've now realised it's not what you thought ?


I too had that...

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Sinead's Search for Meaning

quarantine Jun 08, 2020

I've been doing my 5km runs whilst listening to audio books.


Each run is about 30 minutes

One audio book is on average 5-6 hours 

You can absorb 2-3 books a month and burn 9,000 calories at the same time.


My audio book of choice this week is Man's Search For Meaning, I'm half way through and believe it's so relevant for this time.


It's a psychologist who spent time in concentration camps and endured terrible suffering. He tells the story of how he got through such horrible times with the power of meaning. 


He said many gave up hope and their thoughts ate them alive but the people who had meaning and a reason for their suffering were the ones that made it through. 


He gave the suffering a meaning, he decided there and then in the midst of the concentration camp that he was to survive this ordeal in order to teach others about meaning and this got him through each day. With a future goal and finding meaning...

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Your Red Bottom Heels Wont Help You Now

quarantine Jun 08, 2020

What we have learnt from this pandemic is this;







All these things have no power in the end . What has power ? 




I have the rich, the famous and the successful people contacting me for help in this time. Saying they are finding it tough to cope. Little old me who has no real possessions, just a suitcase of bikinis and a few books. They come to me because my mind is strong, I can see the light in the darkest days.


All the things listed above will not help you when you have no control of your inner state.


If you want to begin working on your inner state I would suggest getting connected to spirituality.


I dont talk too much about my spirituality online because I find it hard to explain to people. 


‘Oh hey just to let you know my mind is so powerful everything I have ever asked or desired has appeared in front...

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Eating Everything in sight ?

quarantine Jun 08, 2020

Many people are asking how to stop emotional eating in this pandemic i'm going to give you a reason why you may be emotional eating


Eating prompts the brain the release some happy hormones called endorphins


So because you are ‘bored’ and not getting endorphins from anywhere else, it's natural to want to eat a lot in this quarantine as it's the ‘only time’ you're getting these hormones.


When you were back in your old routined life you were actually receiving pleasure hormones all the time. When you finish a task at work, when you go to the gym, when you see your friends.  


You were receiving pleasure hormones on all different times of the day so food wasn't really thought about as much as it is now.


In order to stop the binges we need to set up other ways to recieve pleasure hormones.


Set yourself small tasks throughout the day to spike your pleasure centers. 


Start with small...

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He will face a battle he knows not

quarantine Jun 05, 2020

We must always be ready for battle ,the battle we know not of.

This is something I've been fighting for the last few years , for schools to introduce some sort of awareness that not everything is fine and dandy and that we need to be taught how to deal with life's chaos.

In my young years i always believed this was my timeline 

Good grades- good job- good husband- nice house- healthy kids- pension 

I was in dreamland! 

When I entered the real world I was faced with tragedy, one tragedy was enough to crumble my world.

My own brain was not equipped to deal with the battles of the real world. It took me years to gain control of my emotional state. 

I fought internally and gathered all the tools to help me deal with life chaos. I became stronger and realised that there will always be a battle whether it be financial struggles, loss of a loved one or a f**king GLOBAL PANDEMIC!

Are you struggling? then this is your time to prepare yourself not only during...

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Yes I finally have a website!

You will have to bare with me as Im doing it all myself and I’m not the best with computers , I am actually pretty proud of my little site so far , You can probably see from my menu bar that I have plenty more to come including my Agony Aunt column, Im going to channel my inner Carrie Bradshaw and answer your relationship questions with a taste of my own experience!

There is a little more info on my retreat and prices and payment plans will be live soon! There is only 20 spots so keep your eyes peeled!

You can also check my book reviews to find a book for your needs, have a read of the them as there is a little personal touch with them all!

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