Jesus Was Right!

spiritual Jul 23, 2020

‘For the one who has, more will be given, and from the one who has not, even what he has will be taken away’


What I think Jesus was trying to say here was


The person that needs nothing, attracts everything


Someone sent me a post this week about a girl giving out about me because she has worked so hard to obtain her qualifications and then there are people like me who have a good body- so apparently people flock to me. I pondered this all week and journaled my reflections.


Abundance comes when you need nothing but yourself. I have had nothing, nothing but a few books, a backpack and a bag boiled rice all whilst living in a hut.


This taught me that I need nothing only my own inner peace that I work on every day. I also have had a lot of everything I get free clothes, holidays, etc and this taught me everything is not everything without inner peace.


I don’t need more followers

I don’t need more money

I don’t need...

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Whos Making Your Decisions ?

spiritual Jun 08, 2020

‘I love my boyfriend but there is an age gap ’


‘I feel like my friends will judge me for the guy i'm seeing, he's not what they would expect me to be ’


‘I have this business idea but i'm afraid  of what people will think ‘

Your ego cares what everyone thinks it strives for people 's approval in order to survive, it doesn't care what makes you feel good, it only cares about what you look like to other people.

I see people holding back on commitment because they feel they need to be with the person that people expect them to be with. But, the soul knows what it wants- If a person connects to your soul, if you feel amazing in their company and you bring out the best in each other that should be enough. But instead people allow ego to make their decisions.


By hiding away someone you love not only will cause you pain but it will cause the other person damage that may lead to insecurity and we all know how crap it feels to...

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Surrender To Spirituality

spiritual Jun 08, 2020

The other day my mum couldn't find the dog lead 


I don't know about anyone else's mum but my mum prays to St. Athony when she loses things.


I’ve thought about this prayer so deeply. I used to roll my eyes when she said that, I used to think  ‘she's a bloody eejit isn't she’


Turns out she had it right all along. 


When we surrender to a higher power that is when we release resistance in our minds.


So anyway...mum was going crazy looking for this dog lead, I mean for days asking me where the hell it is ( as if to know where she put it) she was running around hoking out each cupboard.


I knew she needed to ask the universe to release the resistance in her thoughts but instead I said ‘mum pray to st anthony’


The moment she prayed to St Anthony she surrendered her resistance and let St Anthony do the work. When you ask the universe for something it is done ! You now must listen out for signs to...

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Living In Your Pupose Is Hard

spiritual Jun 08, 2020



I believe we are all unique I put here on earth for a divine purpose


The uniqueness is inscribed in 3 ways;

The one-of-a-kind DNA

The particular way our brain is wired

All our individual life experiences that are unlike any others


By our nature we crave a sense of direction


I'm not going to get too into Purpose as it can ruffle a few feathers when you tell people you are destined for something greater than what you are doing right now but what I want to tell you right now is that living in your purpose is hard!


At this moment I have this calling from the universe to write an ebook on relationships, I was called to in a few ways the past coming weeks.


One call from the universe was whilst listening to the radio (which i never do) and people were messaging into the radio station with anonymous confessions about how they are feeling at home. People were saying they couldn't stand her husband, they hate their sister and that when it's...

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How to Manifest

spiritual Jun 08, 2020

‘Im Fed up with not getting the job!’


A woman messaged me this above sentence and I was inspired to write this email and thought I could help ease the pain and help guide her thoughts.


All I hear in this sentence is resistance, resistance to the universe and the law of attraction.


Law of Attraction and manifesting isn't about just saying you want something and then poof! -Just by magic it’s there. ( This isn't an episode of sabrina the teenage witch- although I am guilty of trying  to point my finger at many boys to make them disappear )


So when you ask the universe for something, believe it or not the universe has begun manifesting straight away It is then you who must align your thoughts in order to receive what you have asked for.


This woman is fighting her thoughts in her own head, causing herself a headache by just thinking. 


She must have faith in the universe and...

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I deleted Instagram

spiritual Mar 20, 2020

I've been deleting instagram for a long time, I delete instagram everyday day for 3-4 hours while i study/read and work and then i delete it again around 10pm-11pm at night until after 10am in the morning

I noticed a long time ago i would wake up and check my phone and get this uneasy feeling like i had 1000 work emails every morning that never ended. It overwhelmed me each morning and it's not how I want to start my day. So I began a new practice of mindful mornings. 

Now i find my morning the most amazing part of my day, I go to sleep excited to go into my mindful morning 

There is an app called Focus Lock that actually deletes all your third party apps for any amount of time you set it too, yes it seems scary to remove all your apps but if you ‘can't’ do that then i'm sorry to say you're addicted to your phone. Firstly try for 30mins if you're scared then you can progress. 

So many times i was still picking up my phone due to habit, but there is...

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The 2 Minute Rule

spiritual Mar 10, 2020

So when you’ve been out of a habit for a while you can’t just just back in full force or you’ll be disheartened. 

The thought of going to the gym yesterday after 2 weeks off and doing a full leg session was actually stopping me from going so I decided to apply the 2 minute rule which comes from the book Atomic Habits

So basically it means to begin the habit you have to just begin. For example saying I’ll read 2 pages a day gets you picking up that book, and once it’s opened who knows what you might read. This then forms an automatic habit over time.

So I applied this yesterday I just said to myself, OK Sinead, just go to the gym and for 10 squats, 10 dead lifts, 10 sit ups and 10 kettle bell swings.

So I went in with this intention and of course I ended up doing more and felt great.

It also works with other things in life like just go a fold 2 pieces of laundry, do 2 emails, do 2 minute on the treadmill. 

Try it guys it’s...

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Resistance and your Body

spiritual Mar 10, 2020

For years I never accepted my body I always wanted more , I wanted to look like others, I wanted a 6 pack, I wanted a bigger bum. 

But all your doing is causing pain and resistance, and your body will pick up on it! Trust me! 

When you fully accept your body how it is you just end your suffering because at the end of the day the only person that needs to accept is you. Your partner accepts your body like you except theirs. Your family and friends accept your body as you accept theirs without thought.

The only person you need to impress is yourself so end your suffering accept it as it is. And if you wanna change it YOU CAN! So accept how it is and make changes where needs to be.

Another thing I will add , why are we so lazy why do we want the easy way out. Why do people send me messages asking on how to shift weight? 

I wanted a change in my nutrition so I went and got the information I put time in so why do you want the easy way out and get someone to tell you for...

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Yes I finally have a website!

You will have to bare with me as Im doing it all myself and I’m not the best with computers , I am actually pretty proud of my little site so far , You can probably see from my menu bar that I have plenty more to come including my Agony Aunt column, Im going to channel my inner Carrie Bradshaw and answer your relationship questions with a taste of my own experience!

There is a little more info on my retreat and prices and payment plans will be live soon! There is only 20 spots so keep your eyes peeled!

You can also check my book reviews to find a book for your needs, have a read of the them as there is a little personal touch with them all!

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