I deleted Instagram

spiritual Mar 20, 2020

I've been deleting instagram for a long time, I delete instagram everyday day for 3-4 hours while i study/read and work and then i delete it again around 10pm-11pm at night until after 10am in the morning

I noticed a long time ago i would wake up and check my phone and get this uneasy feeling like i had 1000 work emails every morning that never ended. It overwhelmed me each morning and it's not how I want to start my day. So I began a new practice of mindful mornings. 

Now i find my morning the most amazing part of my day, I go to sleep excited to go into my mindful morning 

There is an app called Focus Lock that actually deletes all your third party apps for any amount of time you set it too, yes it seems scary to remove all your apps but if you ‘can't’ do that then i'm sorry to say you're addicted to your phone. Firstly try for 30mins if you're scared then you can progress. 

So many times i was still picking up my phone due to habit, but there is...

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Australia - Packing Guide

spiritual Mar 10, 2020

So everyone panicked when they need to pack their whole life for a move and a lot of people ask me how I pack my whole life into one suitcase so I thought I would share some insights:

  • Primark/penny’s is your best friend and they don’t have it in Australia so get some jackets and hoodies from there as they are cheap , other things I suggest is getting a your fiddly bits like sharpeners, nail clippers , make up brushes etc from there and little simple shorts, vests and t-shirts. Scrunchies for your hair also come in handy.
  • Buying a whole new wardrobe to travel to Australia isn’t needed as they have PrettyLittleThing thing delivered in days so I always just packs a few bikinis and outfits and then make a delivery to Australia that way you don’t have to Pay massive package costs . You can use my af link if you like they are very cheap and deliver quite quickly to Australia.
  • Buy a decent shampoo and conditioner from a salon that a hairdresser...
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spiritual Mar 10, 2020

Now I didn’t think I was going to like Dubai , as someone said to me once “Sinead you wouldn’t like Dubai as its very materialistic “and we all know I don’t own many materialistic items, I’ve  been living out of one suitcase for the past 7 years. So then I had this idea in my head that if I went there I would be very separated from the crowd, I imagined me sitting at the bar with my drink while others were all in kabanas and drinking expensive drinks but boy I was wrong! Everyone was the same we all were drinking together and having fun I felt to inferiority at all, there seems to be a lot if people similar to me and a hell a lot of Irish to talk too. I had an amazing time and also realised its not as expensive as what I thought!

The Brunches

So these brunches happen all day and night, so you can chose a time that suits you to go, you get unlimited food and drink for a certain price so i’ll just mention the ones I attended:

Carnival by...

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The 2 Minute Rule

spiritual Mar 10, 2020

So when you’ve been out of a habit for a while you can’t just just back in full force or you’ll be disheartened. 

The thought of going to the gym yesterday after 2 weeks off and doing a full leg session was actually stopping me from going so I decided to apply the 2 minute rule which comes from the book Atomic Habits

So basically it means to begin the habit you have to just begin. For example saying I’ll read 2 pages a day gets you picking up that book, and once it’s opened who knows what you might read. This then forms an automatic habit over time.

So I applied this yesterday I just said to myself, OK Sinead, just go to the gym and for 10 squats, 10 dead lifts, 10 sit ups and 10 kettle bell swings.

So I went in with this intention and of course I ended up doing more and felt great.

It also works with other things in life like just go a fold 2 pieces of laundry, do 2 emails, do 2 minute on the treadmill. 

Try it guys it’s...

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Resistance and your Body

spiritual Mar 10, 2020

For years I never accepted my body I always wanted more , I wanted to look like others, I wanted a 6 pack, I wanted a bigger bum. 

But all your doing is causing pain and resistance, and your body will pick up on it! Trust me! 

When you fully accept your body how it is you just end your suffering because at the end of the day the only person that needs to accept is you. Your partner accepts your body like you except theirs. Your family and friends accept your body as you accept theirs without thought.

The only person you need to impress is yourself so end your suffering accept it as it is. And if you wanna change it YOU CAN! So accept how it is and make changes where needs to be.

Another thing I will add , why are we so lazy why do we want the easy way out. Why do people send me messages asking on how to shift weight? 

I wanted a change in my nutrition so I went and got the information I put time in so why do you want the easy way out and get someone to tell you for...

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Yes I finally have a website!

You will have to bare with me as Im doing it all myself and I’m not the best with computers , I am actually pretty proud of my little site so far , You can probably see from my menu bar that I have plenty more to come including my Agony Aunt column, Im going to channel my inner Carrie Bradshaw and answer your relationship questions with a taste of my own experience!

There is a little more info on my retreat and prices and payment plans will be live soon! There is only 20 spots so keep your eyes peeled!

You can also check my book reviews to find a book for your needs, have a read of the them as there is a little personal touch with them all!

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