business travel Mar 10, 2020

I can’t believe I lived without a Revolut card, it’s literally the best thing ever, it changes your money straight away on the app with the best exchange rate and you can just tap it everywhere. You Can get money from your bank account straight away no waiting for transfers to come through, it comes straight across to use at that minute. So you can just load up your account with your daily spending and that way if it gets lost your whole money is still safe and sound in your bank account.

Last year I got charged £326 from Santander for taking money out. At the time £1.99 per transaction I was like hmm yeah ok but Jesus Christ when I got my statement and they all added to that I was like what the hell that is a flight to Bali

It has changed my whole travel experience as sometimes I would be just guessing how much things are and just kind of winging it , But as soon as you tap your Revolut card you get a notification telling you exactly how much you have...

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Australia - Packing Guide

travel Mar 10, 2020

So everyone panicked when they need to pack their whole life for a move and a lot of people ask me how I pack my whole life into one suitcase so I thought I would share some insights:

  • Primark/penny’s is your best friend and they don’t have it in Australia so get some jackets and hoodies from there as they are cheap , other things I suggest is getting a your fiddly bits like sharpeners, nail clippers , make up brushes etc from there and little simple shorts, vests and t-shirts. Scrunchies for your hair also come in handy.
  • Buying a whole new wardrobe to travel to Australia isn’t needed as they have PrettyLittleThing thing delivered in days so I always just packs a few bikinis and outfits and then make a delivery to Australia that way you don’t have to Pay massive package costs . You can use my af link if you like they are very cheap and deliver quite quickly to Australia.
  • Buy a decent shampoo and conditioner from a salon that a hairdresser...
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travel Mar 10, 2020

Now I didn’t think I was going to like Dubai , as someone said to me once “Sinead you wouldn’t like Dubai as its very materialistic “and we all know I don’t own many materialistic items, I’ve  been living out of one suitcase for the past 7 years. So then I had this idea in my head that if I went there I would be very separated from the crowd, I imagined me sitting at the bar with my drink while others were all in kabanas and drinking expensive drinks but boy I was wrong! Everyone was the same we all were drinking together and having fun I felt to inferiority at all, there seems to be a lot if people similar to me and a hell a lot of Irish to talk too. I had an amazing time and also realised its not as expensive as what I thought!

The Brunches

So these brunches happen all day and night, so you can chose a time that suits you to go, you get unlimited food and drink for a certain price so i’ll just mention the ones I attended:

Carnival by...

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