This is a short 30-day challenge to build a better relationship with your phone.

It gives some good research on what phones are doing to our attentions spans and how we can improve our everyday life, it doesn’t penalise us for using our phones as the author is very aware they are part of our culture now it just teaches you how to be mindful of our usage as we aren’t using our phones for productivity we are using our phones out of pure habit which you will so be aware of when you start the challenge,  there was little techniques she uses so your more aware of the habit, for example I put a scrunchie around my phone before I used it instead of just opening it with face ID it made me realise that I’m just opening it out of habit and to avoid everyday tasks.

The author puts your priorities in order, she asks you deep questions to find out what you truly want to be giving your attention to, what is important in your life. May it be your children or your work you’ll realise that you’ve sometimes been putting your phone ahead of your values and now it’s time to change. I also changed my background on my phone to the quote ‘What do you want to be giving you attention to?’ and it’s just so good to be aware that when I pick up my phone I can then make a decision if it’s truly necessary at that moment and it usually isn’t so I will put my phone down and give something more important my attention.

She takes you in daily steps to achieve your digital detox and its light breezy and made a whole lot of impact into my life.

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