Lost Connections

The book gave me back my power! 

Before this bool, I would have spells of anxiety. I told myself I was sick that I was born like this. But no! This book made me realise that there is a reason for the way I was feeling and not only that there is a solution! 

There are many causes and solutions in this book. So anytime I feel anxious I immediately have a toolbox full of solutions I can pull out at any time.

The biggest cause that stood out to me was the loss of human connection. My relationship with my smartphone and my loved ones has now completely changed for the better as this part really got to me… what do we think heaven is? Spending eternity with our loved ones right? So why not make heaven on earth and put your phone down and spend valuable time with your loved ones and be present. 

The book has great research, the author is truly passionate and talks about his own struggle with anxiety and depression.

However, be warned the first few chapters dives into the research of anti-depressants that people on this medication might be very sensitive too. People have contacted me and said they can’t read the rest as it hard on them to hear the research. However, I tell them to and then they come back to thank me so make sure you read the entire book. 


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